MineOS Minecraft server Dropbox Backup integration

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MineOS Minecraft server Dropbox Backup integration

Post by Jarod » Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:56 pm

I've recently started a 24/7 server for minecraft, And I decided to use MineOS CRUX because its a very lightweight linux based os that supports rsync backups so you don't have 500GB of backups sitting around, just a bunch of .diff files basically.

It also supports a ton of other handy options, like a web ui for starting and stopping servers, bukkit, mapping, multiple servers, virtualization and cool stuff like that.

one thing I thought would be cool is if it would automatically sync the server to dropbox as an offsite backup!
so here it is:

download dropbox text based version and extract the file to /home/mc:

Sync it up with your account by running the client in /home/mc/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd and copy/pasting the url it gives you to your browser and activating it in your dropbox account.

install my scripts to their respective locations, I have my server set up to save hourly and backup daily.
so dropbox goes into /etc/cron/reboot
dropboxcp goes into /etc/cron/daily
dropboxbackup goes into /etc/cron/weekly

if you only save once per day and backup weekly or something then you can put them in different folders.
the scripts are attached, have fun and let me know if you have any issues!

Version 0.2:
Bugfix for backups piling up in your dropbox and filling up all the space. now purges old backups
Also updated post with new recommended placement for scripts, dropboxcp daily, and dropboxbackup weekly.

Sign up for dropbox, and give me some extra storage!
Version 0.2
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version 0.1
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