Nintendo Wii Wiimote Controller slobber repair.

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Nintendo Wii Wiimote Controller slobber repair.

Post by Jarod » Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:34 pm

Not too awful long ago one of my wiimotes was attacked by a dogs tongue. thankfully it didnt become a $49.99 chew toy but rather was merely slobbered all over.

However this caused problems, as the buttons were insanely sticky, like they had been soaked in cola.

heres how to fix your wiimotes if you ever have this problem.

Remove the screws, the locations are circled in red.

Use a small flathead screwdriver to pop the clips apart near the front. you can also try pulling apart at the back with your hands but you may break the clips doing so.

And its apart, separate the sides and lay them on a table or clean surface.

Here is the culprit of the stickiness. pull all the sticky buttons off the front panel and separate them.

You'll need rubbing alcohol and q-tips to clean the buttons.

Clean the buttons and also the front panel where the buttons sit. and if there is any residue on the circuit board where the buttons contact then clean that off too.

Let it all dry out and make sure it looks nice and clean, if there is still sticky residue like you can see on the d-pad in this photo then clean it again.

After you're all done cleaning and drying, pop the cover back together, put the screws in, batteries and then play a game to make sure its working properly.

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