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Our Amazon aStore

Post by Jarod » Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:11 pm

I've started up this Amazon aStore thingy, partially because if you buy the products I have in it I earn a couple bucks which is nice.

But the main reason is because there is so many different things we use and have opinions on, for example:
  • don't buy overpriced hookup wires, buy 22awg wire and make your own.
  • If you buy an arduino don't get a SMD version.
  • Buffalo routers are insanely awesome. (and perhaps Belkin *the worst brand of router ever* will be redeemed shortly)
  • Aoyue makes really nice soldering equipment and its a lot cheaper than haako/weller, etc. (Or just build your own soldering station)
So, This is a way to keep track of cool items that we can vouch for the reliability and usefulness of.

Some items are cheaper elsewhere (like LEDS and other discrete components), if I know they are cheaper elsewhere, you'll see a note by the product stating so.
Thats why I say this is mainly for organizing products and items, and making money is just a potential bonus.

So without further adue here is the Link to the store!

If you have any ideas for items that should be in our store, let me know, I have a terrible time remembering all the handy stuff I've got.
I will slowly update it as I think of things, and as I get suggestions.

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