Belkin F7D7301 DD-WRT Install (Great wireless router for $25

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Belkin F7D7301 DD-WRT Install (Great wireless router for $25

Post by Jarod » Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:33 pm ... B004B1Z6EE

Flash mini first from CFE page: ... 7d7301.bin

Then your choice of Mega or Big:
Mega Build: (Has SFTP and VPNC) ... 6_mega.bin
Big build: (Has ntfs Support) ... .6_big.bin

Edit: Recently updated builds, as the one I had linked to DDNS did not work properly

Change your LAN adapter to static IP of and subnet

Go to to verify connectivity.
do a 30/30/30 reset.
Refresh page in browser. CFE miniWebserver should show up

Upload Mini build, wait about 5 mins.

change your IP to with same subnet of

Go to in browser. dd-wrt should show up.
change username and password (Don't use admin/admin!)
Click administration then firmware upgrade.

browse to your desired build (Big or Mega)
Click upload and wait about 5 more minutes.

Configure to your taste and Enjoy!

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