Belkin F7D7302 "Share N300" DD-WRT Install

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Belkin F7D7302 "Share N300" DD-WRT Install

Post by Jarod » Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:14 pm ... B0045HG53K

Very similar to installing dd-wrt on the sharemax 7301, but slightly different.

Very good router for the price, has 1 usb port, but can be expanded with a usb hub

Download these firmwares:
Mini needs to be flashed first!! ... 7d7302.bin

Big after dd-wrt working on router: ... .6_big.bin

Connect to router with wire in 1st LAN port,
Set IP to static, subnet, gateway
go to in browser, press reset button down, unplug power cable. replug power cable and hold reset down for 7 seconds,
refresh browser. CFE miniWeb server should appear.

upload mini build of dd-wrt. wait 5 minutes. unplug and replug power to router
change ip back to dynamic, go to in router.
change dd-wrt username and password as required.
go to administration panel, then firmware upgrade.
upload big build, wait until router resets.
configure however you wish. ... B0045HG53K

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