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What I want to build

Post by foxmiles » Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:40 am

I really like my Mercedes diesel, but a small pick up truck really makes more sense for me. I'd like something 4x4 and I've always liked the Ford Ranger / Chevy S10 sized trucks, but they get rather poor fuel mileage and aren't available in diesel. So the obvious solution is to put a Mercedes diesel in one of these. I'm really not up to the task of building adapter plates and such, but there's still hope.

Today I found the adapter kit from:
http://www.transmissionadapters.com/Mer ... diesel.htm

I've got a engine out of a '83 240D and for just $725.00 I can mate it to a 700R4 (or a 4l60) with the V8 bell housing. 80 something through 92 2.8V6 S10's had the 700R4(ideal) and 93 up has the 4l60E(lots of computer junk). I'm pretty sure the 700R4 would bolt right up to the transfer case of either. Then it would just be engine mounts, cables, hoses, and wiring. Easy!

So that's what I want, a Chevy S-10 4X4 with a Mercedes diesel engine. Oh yea, I want a torsen rear diff too. You can get them out of something that will fit the S10. The 300D turbo engine would be ideal, but I'll probably use the 240 since I have it. I can always swap it later. Or get a 300 before I start.

I may really do it, but I've got a backlog of projects, so it's probably 2-5 years off at least.
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