CBR600 lighting solutions.

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CBR600 lighting solutions.

Post by Jarod » Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:27 pm

So, I'm thinking of pushing my cbr600 off a cliff about now. preferably with the previous owner glued to the seat lol.

This guy put an undertail kit on it, which removes the fender and goofy looking stock license plate mount.

this brings up several issues:
Issue #1: there is no plate lights on this undertail kit which is illegal in NY and quite likely PA too. I fixed that with some 10mm super bright white LEDS and some resistors.
Issue #2: this guy has no idea how to properly wire anything. Twist the wires together and black tape... that should be plenty good. so the wires corroded and I had to replace almost all of them.
Issue #3: The undertail kit combines the turn signals with the brake and running lights which is hard to see and most inspection shops won't pass.
Issue #4: All of the other failures were brought to a point today by me deciding its time to figure out why the lights would randomly flicker and go off. the answer? water. the guy never sealed the led enclosures properly so all the pins from the leds inside the enclosure have now rusted and broken off since I looked at them with a look of disdain.

So, this raises several questions:
Should I attempt to disassemble the LED pods and either replace the LEDs or solder on new leads?
Should I rip the LED pods off and build my own?
Should I find a stock inner fender and all that jazz and throw the undertail kit at whoever installed it?

At the moment I think I'm going to do option 1 and 2. I'm going to try to get the brake lights working via the LED pods, and add separate turn signals somewhere else.

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Re: CBR600 lighting solutions.

Post by foxmiles » Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:33 am

Don't forget running / marker (not turn) lights. just wire the leds to run dimmer( different value resistors, common ground), then full brightness on brake.
Sample LED Schematic
NOTE: Untested, you will need to adjust values to
match the preformance of the LED's you select,
and to obtain the output you need.
Grab a couple of those led arrays that you used in the projector. People aught to see that. ;)
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