AVR Dragon Jumpers - ATMega 168/328

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AVR Dragon Jumpers - ATMega 168/328

Post by foxmiles » Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:51 pm

I've been playing around etching some pcb's and will have a separate post on that later on. I needed to burn the arduino bootloader on a atmega328. Usually I put it in the dragon, connect a bunch of jumper wires and burn away. of course I sometimes get wires in the wrong spot and what not. Some time ago I saw someone had made a bunch of pcb jumper boards for the dragon. You just plug in the board and burn. I couldn't find them. I found pictures of them, discriptions of them, but no pcb layouts.

So I made my own. So far I have made one for the atmega 168/368 that does ISP programming. I didn't put a crystal or anything on it as I am usually burning blank chips (internal 8mhz osc /8 = 1mhz).
Jumper board on dragon
I used mostly female headers on my dragon so I could just stick plain jumper wires in rather than need special female jumpers. Exceptions are the ISP and JTAG Headers, they need to be male for connecting to boards. I only placed headers on the jumper board where I needed them.
Bottom of board
Top of board
DSCI0010 (2).JPG
Top of board
KiCad Schematic, PCB Layout - ATMEGA 168/328 ISP Jumper for AVR Dragon
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