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Always watch your address bar, you could get linkjacked.

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:13 pm
by Jarod
Just a couple days ago I got an email that a friend of mine on twitter sent me a message. So I went and looked at it and here's what it contained: "LOL!!!! why wereee your pantss off in thisss pic?? LOOK"

and then had a link that took me to Facebook, which then redirected me to "faltbook" which was a malicious site harvesting peoples usernames and passwords from Facebook.

It was disquised so well I was confused why Facebook had logged me out. I started typing my email in and then I looked up at the address bar, it wasn't HTTPS and said faltbook. Googled it, nothing came up. Nobody has seen this site yet apparently.

So always be watchful of your address bar, make sure you're at the site you think you are.