Reverse engineering and ethics.

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Reverse engineering and ethics.

Post by Jarod » Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:39 am

So I've been thinking about ethics recently. I got a new video camera (Drift HD) and I'll probably do a motovlog explaining this more in depth, but here's my thoughts.

Drift makes a cable that plugs into the USB on their camera and lights up a LED when the camera is on, and gets brighter when recording. This is invaluable when motovlogging as you can't hear the camera beep with the bike running.

I have found no documentation or information on this "device" or how it works.
So I figured it out. Simple but difficult enough that not everyone can grab a USB cable and glue an led to it.

So here comes my dilemma. They charge 20 bucks for this device which is essentially 50 cents of components.

I don't know that I would feel right building and selling my version of it, even though I have some improvements I would make. This is partially because I really like their cameras, and they seem to be a nice company to deal with.

I'll definetly be making one for myself, but should I release the plans on how it works? And would it really be that terrible to sell premade ones? Its not like I'd claim they were original drift merchandise, just a aftermarket led cable that's compatable with the drift cameras.

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