Several Ideas I've had.

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Several Ideas I've had.

Post by Jarod » Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:54 pm

We would like the show to be around 20-30 minutes long, Tech oriented, with a large focus on Linux rather than windows.

The Byte (A very short segment with a news item of interest, tip, console trick)

Hardware Hack (We would do some sort of hardware mod, hack or something involving hardware anyway)

Software (havent thought of a name for that segment, but would involve something software related, a cool app review, modding firmware on a device, rooting/jailbreaking a phone, etc)

Noob Nutrition (would showcase simple yet nutritious meals that anyone can make, focus on simple yet tasty and not unhealthy)

A possible game plan for ep1:

Long distance wifi links with DD-WRT (1/4-3/4 mile link getting over 60mbps)

Virtualization benchmarking with Qemu, Virtualbox OSE and Closed, VMware, Xen and any others I can find.

Italian Marinaded chicken

I'm not sure of anything else to add, more details will emerge as I finalize plans.

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