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Lead Acid Battery Desulfator

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 5:25 pm
by foxmiles
My car battery seems to have just enough power to start after sitting a couple days (it cranks a few times and starts slowing down then starts). I looked at these some time ago, but never built one. I also wanted to order some stuff from futurlec as they are considerably cheaper than digikey and I'm in no big hurry on this project (I've heard long lead times). Anyway, I haven't actually built anything yet. I should have plenty of time to do a pcb before the parts arrive.

I'm basing my design on Ron Ingraham's N-Channel desulfator. At some point I may try something with a attiny, but it seems over kill for this application at the moment.

Link to some info: ... wpower.htm

EDIT: I've made several revisions and here are the latest files:
Desulfator Rev B Files
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