Format change and other junk too.

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Format change and other junk too.

Post by Tom » Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:44 am

Ok, so I've said before I'm going to do very short episodes from now on.
I think what I'm actually going to do is release individual segments as either separate shows with a subtitle saying what it is or something like that.

for example, I'll release it as TNT-tv: editing 403 or TNT-tv: Don't try this at home.

So each subject matter would have a subtitle based on what its about.

I also plan on broadening the subject matter slightly, I also want to include some tips about general stuff, like saving money on utility bills, tips and tricks around the house, linux, hacking consoles, repairing broken electronics, and generally anything I find remotely interesting.

So it could be about computers, could be about collecting rainwater. could be about mowing your yard or annoying your neighbors, lighting things on fire, even reviews of any stuff I buy, or whatever.

As always I'm open to suggestions, If you want to see something covered, tell me, either comment on a video, or post here then I'll try my best to get to it as quickly as possible.

I'm moving soon and have a room that is perfect for greenscreen, so I'll be playing with that more and that may be one of the first episodes with the new mega short format. expect that before the end of july.

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