Too Many Updates

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Too Many Updates

Post by foxmiles » Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:49 pm

So the Ideas:
1.What to do about constant updates (and the delays involved) - I don't have a good solution to this, other than Linux of course and Linux still needs updating, just doesn't behave so aggravatingly about it.

2. What's slowing my Boot? - several ways to find out, apparently the event log has all the info you need to diagnose this stuff, but deciphering it is another matter.

3. Antivirus programs - the good, bad, ugly, fast, lightweight, bloated, and unbelievably horrible (Like the one that suddenly began preventing a customer from checking her email because it deleted cookies faster than Hotmail could set them)

So Dad got a new laptop, now he's upset that every time he turns it on he has to wait while it installs updates. It had automatic updates enabled in Windows 7 and seems to find something every time it connects to the internet (daily). Obviously he turns it on when he wants to use it, not wait 10 minutes for it to update. My sister noted the same problem on her laptop. I've got mine set to ask before downloading, so it just constantly tells me there are updates available, and I ignore it most of the time. Although I don't consider it a good solution (he will also ignore them) I set his to do the same. Any ideas?

He also complained it took a long time to boot. This I figured out. I don't like to install a program just to diagnose another, but I've been playing with Soluto. It really works nice though I'd like a bit lighter weight, preferably GPL, alternative (bootchart for windows anyone?). Anyway it diagnosed ad-aware as taking 102 seconds to start, whoa, that's almost half the 3~ minute boot time! I used to use ad-aware years ago, and probably never told Dad when I quit. I don't remember why I quit, I think I just liked some of the alternatives better. Anyway, I uninstalled that, and tweaked some other things, now boots in less than 1:30.

I've got to scrounge a 1gb stick of ddr2 for Grandma's Computer, It has 1gb in it, and on a fresh boot was using ~600mb. I recently switched my computer from Avast to MSE, it dropped my fresh-boot ram usage around 100 - 150mb. So I did the same to Grandma's, now it's ~450mb. I've never been big on Microsoft products, but MSE seems good so far.
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Re: Too Many Updates

Post by Jarod » Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:05 pm

I just found an app called Bootvis. its made by microsoft and is now discontinued, but you can find it at places like majorgeeks.

I have yet to try it out as I'm using my pc as a heater and can't afford to risk turning it off... lol

As far as AV goes, I've got MSE on the laptop, it was slower than death and now actually boots faster than my desktop (that's just wrong)
I've got AVG on my desktop, and its warned me several times of infected files, usually they were false positives.
I'm not entirely sure what to do with AV programs at this point. seems like all the ones that used to be good are now bloatware.

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