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Post by foxmiles » Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:56 pm

I've got this as an un-started draft on my blog that no one actually reads. I will actually do a write up at some point.
As Tom knows I had a hard drive fail a few years ago and lost everything on it. Fortunately I had some (about 50-70%) of it backed up. Of course much of what I saved was useless junk downloaded off the internet. I lost ~3-4gb of pictures I will never get back, some other very important files, my entire collection of lolcat pictures... you get the idea.

1. I've seen people back up to a folder, partition, or second drive (internal) These are all susceptible to a big power surge, the first and second are on the same drive as the files they are trying to protect, and will die with the drive they're on.

2. I currently backup to an external drive, but have to plug it in to use it. It's a 1tb WD Passport Essentials. It includes Smartware which works OK, but I'm trying Genie Timeline at the moment and like it. I'd rather use rsync to a NAS, but with only one computer this is sufficient for now. If my house burnt down I'd loose this, but honestly, I'd have bigger things to worry about at that point.

3. A lot of people recommend an off-site backup over the internet, I'm not thrilled with this solution because of the sheer size of my important stuff and privacy issues. What if someone cracks my password or, like Dropbox, they accidentally let anyone login as anyone they want without a password for a bit? Like it or not, passwords or not, if it's on the internet you never know who's going to have access to it.

More Ideas? What's your Back-up strategy?
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Re: Backups

Post by Jarod » Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:11 pm

I would say the best backup strategy is something like a combination of an external drive or NAS, and also physical media such as DVDs for really important items.

Alternately find a friend with a fast connection and swap backups via ssh/rsync.
then backup to his machine, and he backs up to your machine. that way you both get off site backup with a minimal security risk.

My backup strategy is don't have a hard drive fail and when that doesn't work out I cry profusely for several days.
I do have some stuff backed up on 2 internal 200gb ide drives but they are unplugged from power and ide, so a surge is unlikely to destroy them, still possible if a fire started in my case or the sata drive gets angry at them and eats them.

For security sake most of my stuff I will not backup online, and most of it could be replaced. photos however are tough. I keep them all on the sata drive as there is so many of them and I can't afford that much storage on the laptop or other drives, I think i have nearly 50GB of RAW photos alone.

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