Building A MagSafe power adaptor? (Like on Macbooks)

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Building A MagSafe power adaptor? (Like on Macbooks)

Post by Jarod » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:14 am

Inspiration comes from my laptop cord constantly being reefed on by everyone that comes within 100 feet of my home.
Also, My Dad has/had an identical laptop that the power jack got broken on.
and then hackaday had this article: ... ower-jack/

All about Toshiba power jacks breaking off...
Makes me wonder how long before mine decides to disintegrate.

So, Knowing Macbooks have a extremely innovative power adaptor "plug" called the MagSafe.

I'm going to begin an expedition of building one. ... c-Power-A/
Except different than that. I want something lower profile and I have some ideas on how to do it as an add-on rather than a modification.

Stay Tuned for more updates!

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