Old Heathkit 10-12 Oscilloscope.

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Old Heathkit 10-12 Oscilloscope.

Post by Jarod » Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:25 pm

So I have an old Heathkit Oscilloscope, I believe several capacitors are bad in it. I've made what I think is a complete list of the capacitors in the unit:

2x .1MFD 1600V
5x .1MFD 200V
6x .25MFD 400V
3x 40MFD 150V
and one array of 4x 20MFD 250V

the .1MFD 1600V caps appear to be leaking, or for some odd reason wet. they show no signs of explosion but don't look very healthy.
I've priced some replacement caps, It seems difficult to find voltage ratings this high, I couldn't find any on digikey, and on mouser most of the caps I need are between $5 and $15 each.

I'm not sure how to carry on at this point, More research is required as to what kind of capacitors I need and what could be used to replace these ancient paper caps. http://antiqueradio.org/recap.htm has some insight on replacing caps in older tube radios, this scope is practically identical to a radio, except it doesn't play music or have any sort of am/fm tuner, or tape deck... record player... 8 track...

Ok, Maybe its not quite the same. but they have similar capacitors at least.
I'm going to try to find a source for cheaper capacitors.

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