USB thumbdrive multiboot (Xboot)

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USB thumbdrive multiboot (Xboot)

Post by Jarod » Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:46 pm

I recently found a pretty neat little app called Xboot.

Basically it takes a bunch of your favorite bootable cds and puts them all onto one usb thumbdrive with a nice little menu to select which image you want to boot.

So you can easily have UBCD, Parted Magic, Backtrack, Ophcrack, Hirens, Trinity, and all your other favorite rescue/bootable cds.

You can even have a thumbdrive set up with install images, you could have ubuntu, gentoo, fedora, windows, etc all on one thumbdrive. you'd need a pretty big one but it is doable.

Theres plenty of great tools out there and now you don't have to carry around 50 thumbdrives to have them all with you.

Hak5 did a segment once on how to do this manually effictively, but this is much simpler and quicker. the only downfall is it doesn't seem to work with kon-boot. I've read a few people that have done things in grub involving remapping hard drive positions and got it to work, so it is possible, just not easy out of the box.

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