Hynautic H50 Repair & Bleeding

These steering systems can be tricky to repair and bleed, some have gone so far to say that it can’t be done without extensive training and experience.

I’m not convinced that is exactly true. Have a look at my video and determine if this is a task you feel comfortable tackling. If you came here from the video, look down a little lower for the bleeding instructions and exploded diagram!

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  1. Rebuilding a Hynautic H50 Hydraulic steering helm, All new seals, No more leaks!

    Thank you for the nice video.
    I replaced the seals and reassembled the unit. No Leaks. Bled the system.
    The wheel will turn the ruder to the right, but will not turn the rudder to the left?

    Help Please

    1. Hi Alan!
      Does the wheel turn smoothly in both directions? or does it bind up turning to the left?
      I had a miserable time bleeding the system this helm came from, I had to bleed each helm (there was 2 on this boat), as well as the cylinder and all the lines, it took several attempts going through the bleeding instructions before it would cooperate.

  2. I am having that trouble. It will go to left when the bleeder valves on the reservoir are closed but free wheels to the right? I had no problem before I changed the seal kit and have even replaced the upper helm steering with Sea star conversion. Going to check the that the hoses are correct tomorrow.

    1. There is likely a little entrapped air, it took me forever to get this system bled, I thought I was done, and I had to re do both helms several more times because of the fluid I lost while rebuilding the helm.

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