• W123 Resources
    Here you can find a listing of all the various resources I’ve made to help you repair, maintain, and care for your W123, or similar body style Mercedes. Parts: Articles: … Read more
  • Filter cutaways
    As I see different brands and types of oil filter, I’m going to post short videos of them cut apart so that you can see what is inside and determine … Read more
  • Bravo Prop Seal
    Bearing retainer torque chart: Torque wrench length Setting to achieve specified 150 ft-lbs with offset tool 15″ (381mm) 122 ft-lbs (165 Nm) 16″ (406mm) 123 ft-lbs (167 Nm) 17″ (432mm) … Read more
  • W123 Mercedes fuel filter crush washer upgrade (Stop that fuel leak)
    The Aluminum crush washers used on the OM617, OM616 and likely other Mercedes is a common spot to have a slow fuel leak. Many times that crush washer doesn’t seal … Read more
  • W123 Mercedes AC improvements
    One often complained about part of owning a W123 Mercedes is the less than stellar AC performance. I’ve gradually been working to improve mine to determine what modifications are worth … Read more
  • W123 Mercedes front brake overhaul
    It is important to keep your braking system in tip-top shape, as you need to be able to stop without running into things. I’ve personally found that running into things … Read more
  • Mikuni BN/SBN Rebuild info
    This page is under construction, There will gradually be more and more information about these Mikuni Carbs Tools/supplies you may want: Impact Screwdriver Carb cleaning needles/brushes Brake parts cleaner WD40 … Read more
  • Hynautic H50 Repair & Bleeding
    These steering systems can be tricky to repair and bleed, some have gone so far to say that it can’t be done without extensive training and experience. I’m not convinced … Read more
  • W123 Vacuum Diagrams and Troubleshooting Information.
    This is the start of my project of making vacuum diagrams for my W123 Mercedes. I’m quite confident in saying its rough. VERY ROUGH. Take these with a grain of … Read more
  • W123 VDO Cruise control repair Saga
    The VDO Cruise control unit used on the w123, w126, w124 and likely many other mercedes models was also used on a pile of other cars, including Porsche, BMW, even … Read more