Documentary: Air fittings and their impact on tool performance. (Part 1, Initial findings)

I’ve used high flow fittings with my air system for some time now. I was impressed with the “seat of the pants” performance increase. I always wondered how much difference there actually was. Here are my findings:

Here are the results:

(purple) V style flowed 15.25 SCFM
(red) M style flowed 11 SCFM
(green) A style flowed 11 SCFM
(blue) T style flowed 11 SCFM

Bores measured:
(purple) V style 0.3″
(red) M style 0.2″
(green) A style 0.2″
(blue) T style 0.2″

Things in this article/video
Fittings and air system parts

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