Marine parts cross reference

In the interest of the fastest possible repairs to save customers vacations, we need to track down parts and now and then we find parts that cross over between automotive applications to marine applications, as well as motorcycle parts that fit personal watercraft.

I’m going to start cataloging these findings as I can, partially for my own reference so I can quickly check if I’ve done the research before, but this also could be helpful to you if you’re looking for a part and can source it locally and save your vacation.

I have personally used each of the “Likely replacement” successfully at least once, but be aware there could be potential unseen incompatibility or problems in your specific application, so don’t treat this reference as a perfect resource.

Electrical parts

OEM Marine partLikely replacementPhoto
Crankshaft position sensor
Sierra  18-7556
Indmar 556293
Mercruiser 864297, 864297001, and 864297T01
Standard Motor Products PC123
Knock sensor
R020027 806612T 3850357
ACDelco 213-96
Wideband 02 sensor
(Indmar/Ilmor 6.2L Ford)
Bosch 17321
Temperature sensor
(Seadoo EGT & Coolant sensor)
Standard Motor Products AX54
Hella 009107611

Hard Parts

OEM Marine partLikely replacementPhoto
Yamaha F75TLR Prop shaft seals (93101-25M03-00)2x National 222430
Yamaha F50TLRA Camshaft seal (93102-37M40-00)National 223750
Suzuki 08113-60100 BearingTIMKEN 6010-ZZC3
Indmar 50H-0170 Impeller
(5.3 GDI 6.2 GDI 6.0 MPI)
Sherwood X15000

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