Scotch TL901 laminator modification for PCB toner transfer etching

I had a post about this on the old website, and never transferred it over to here.

Some time ago I bought a Scotch TL901 laminator with the intention of using it to transfer toner to PCBs for etching custom circuit boards at home.

It is really a simple machine inside, required a single resistor wired in with the thermistor to bring the heat up to the needed temp to transfer the toner.

The laminator in question
Screw locations to disassemble
Location of the thermal fuse (large oval, prevents overheating), and the thermistor (small circle, measures temperature)
Closeup of thermistor
1.2k resistor (Brown Red Red Gold) placed in line with one of the black wires from the thermistor to connector RT1 on the control board (This picture was before heat shrink and tidying up)

Essentially adding that resistor raises the set temperature so the rollers get hotter, which allows cleaner toner transfer.


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