W123 Mercedes front brake overhaul

It is important to keep your braking system in tip-top shape, as you need to be able to stop without running into things. I’ve personally found that running into things isn’t ideal at least 80% of the time.

Here is a video explaining how to revamp the front brakes on your W123, and below the video there are links to purchase the parts and tools you need:

Things in this article/video
Motive 0100 European power bleeder
DOT4 brake fluid
Wear sensors
Front rotor
Front rubber hose
Front left caliper
Front right caliper
Front pads (Semi Metallic)
Rear Rotor
Rear rubber hose
Rear left caliper
Rear right caliper
Rear pads (Semi Metallic) Rear pads (Ceramic)
Rear hardware kit

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