W123 Mercedes fuel filter crush washer upgrade (Stop that fuel leak)

The Aluminum crush washers used on the OM617, OM616 and likely other Mercedes is a common spot to have a slow fuel leak.

Many times that crush washer doesn’t seal up quite 100% so it seeps fuel.

There is also a later version of the housing (02 style) that uses 2 o-rings instead of a 1 o-ring and a crush washer to seal, but sometimes those housings would seep too.

Here is a super simple and cheap way to stop those pesky fuel leaks.

Get some new o-rings and a updated crush washer for your 01 style housing:

Bonded rubber crush washer:

M10x15x2.5 Viton O-ring:

Here is what you would need for an 02 housing:

M14x19x2.5 Viton O-ring:

M10x15x2.5 Viton O-ring:

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